Sunday, 20 May 2018

Brief Bird update.

A brief Bird update.

She’s still sitting on her nest - she has coped with teeming rain and frying sun. But hasn’t given up.

I was determined not to give her a name. She is a wild creature, and I won’t treat her like a pet. 

But somehow she has become ‘Bird’. So each morning, as I glance across at her, I find myself saying, ‘Hello, Bird.’ A week ago her little head would pop up, eyes a-sparkle, and watch my every move. Now she barely stirs. We rub along together, she in her wild way and me in the shelter of man-made home. It feels like progress that she isn’t frightened of me.

But no chick yet. The internet tells me it should hatch in the next week or ten days. So what will I name the chick?


  1. Chick? Sorry, Jo. I couldn’t help that. I’m glad to know Bird and Egg are doing okay. It feels like a privilege to be allowed to witness this natural process in the wild from the comfort of home.

  2. I'm glad she's getting along well. I don't know how long chicks take to hatch, but I do hope that all goes well! It could be fun thinking of an appropriate name for it. How about "Monoklino"? Greek for "single" since it will be an "only chick" !