Sunday, 31 August 2014

Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been? I've been ...

I've been here, there and everywhere. And what a wonderful time I've had. (And it's not over yet - I'm off to Ireland soon).

But here is a little competition to mark my return to blogland:

Where have I been:

Looking East from there - this is what I could see:

There will even be a prize!!

I have, at last, gathered my three Over The Hill ebooks into a print book. I've seen the proofs (and it is rather wonderful), and so - to celebrate it's arrival, I shall award two prizes of that book (picked at random) from those who get this right.

If no one does, then I'll begin to give clues. But for now - happy guessing!!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Today it is raining.

For months, years even, I have tried to be organised about blogging. Mondays and Thursdays, with an explanation for absences.

But it's August. There are gardens to sit in, books to read, grandchildren to be played with. And so, for a week or several, I shall be a bit more haphazard about the whole blogging thing.

I know - the received wisdom tells us that readers need us to be predictable. I will lose followers if I don't stick to a pattern. But, my loyal readers (you must be loyal if you are still connecting in August, when there are gardens to sit in, etc), let me ask you a question or two. Illustrate my choices.

When the sun is shining, and the bees busy on the lavender, would you rather be outside with a book or inside with a computer?

When children come to visit, on precious escape-days from school, would you rather paddle in the river and look for tiddlers, or be inside with a computer?

When you are offered picnics, or days by the sea, or a wander along the Ridgeway to look for butterflies ... would you choose to be inside with a computer?

I am sure there are those, diligent as ever, who will choose the computer option. I salute you, and your dedication to your writing (and your marketing). Me - I'm letting the side down. Maybe I'm a hedonist. Maybe, right now, reading is more nourishing than writing. Maybe ...

It's August. There are gardens to sit in, books to read, grandchildren to be played with. I'm not disappearing. I'll drop by to write when it's raining. I'll read blogs and comment and all the social media stuff - when the clouds gather. The rest of the time, I'm outside, in the sunshine.

Happy holidays!!