Sunday, 8 January 2017

Introducing ... Everlasting

I have made it to Lilongwe without adventures. Hurrah! And there, to welcome me at the airport was Everlasting. He is my guide, and that really is his name. He has slightly grizzled features and most of his own teeth. His trousers were made for a fatter man. And he laughs.

We will, I realise, be together for the whole six weeks I am here. And so I have set about finding out more about him. His children, all four, are young adults now (though he is not too sure how old they are). One son plays for the Malawi national football team - and Everlasting swells with pride just to think of him.

'How often do you see him play?' I ask.

'Oh I hate to see him play. In case someone kicks him and he is hurt. Nobody can bear to see their child hurt.' I can see from the look on his face that he may need to be restrained from running on the pitch to give the other lad a what-for, and to kiss his son's bruises better.

He has shown me Lilongwe - it is a complicated city, with some magnificent buildings (largely unused, and funded by loans from China), some huge houses behind walls and metal gates. And there are areas of high density housing with markets and African bustle. There are also significant areas which have been set aside for development but not yet been built on. The city is a 'work in progress'.

By the time you read this, I shall be on the road heading north. I may or may not have access to wifi. Please, should you wish to comment, be assured that I shall get back to this blog eventually, even if it takes a week or more.

But I leave you with a picture, not of Everlasting, but of some soapstone hippos - they perch by the pool of my Lodge in Lolingwe.  And I like the smiles on their faces.


  1. How lovely is all this! Your brain must be buzzing with all the new & interesting stuff. Wishing you and Everlasting a really enjoyable time. xx

  2. Exciting that you are now definitely on your way. can't wait to hear what happens!

  3. Good to hear you have arrived safely. Everlasting, what a wonderful name. Love the hippos.

  4. Wonderful, Jo! You always manage to organise such great guides! I hope he leads you to some fabulous places!

  5. PS. I already love Everlasting! He is worthy of a book already!

  6. Glad you arrived OK & already sharing your adventure with you.

  7. Thank you all - Everlasting is so very pleased to meet you all!