Sunday, 2 September 2012

The story behind the cover.

My last blogpost introduced you to the cover of my new ebook, in all its wonderfuness. It has a story. But first, here it is again, just to refresh your memories:

The mountain is Annapurna South - and the photo was taken at about eight in the morning, from the garden of a teahouse in Tolka. 

The mountains hid their heads in the clouds for much of my recent visit to Nepal. Even when trekking, my guide promised there would be views in the morning but we woke to a pall of grey and not a summit in sight. Even, on two occasions, serious rain. The sort of rain that makes it difficult to think.

Except for this one morning, in Tolka. I woke to this view and was so enthralled that, when my guide suggested breakfast I barely heard him - could only stand and gawp at the summit that towered above us. I can never quite get over how hypnotically huge the Himalayas are! My guide gave up trying to steer me towards the dining room, set the table in the garden, led me to a chair so I could sit and eat and still look at the mountain without turning my head. He didn't quite shovel food into my mouth for me, but did have to remind me to eat!

Within half an hour this view was gone, and we were under the clouds yet again. Which makes this photograph all the more precious.

And as for the tiger in the corner - well, some of you may already have read about the tiger.

Don't fret, if there's a cover, the ebook isn't far behind.


  1. I'm supposed to be having a blogging break (reading and writing) this month to get the WIP done, but couldn't resist coming over for a look. Love the cover, Jo - the colours are beautiful and the ghostly tiger works really well. Will keep an eye out for the book becoming available!

  2. My grandmother and her sisters went to school in the Himalayas and after hearing their memories, I have always wanted to go there. Lucky you!

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