Sunday, 16 September 2012

Reviews for Hidden Tiger Raging Mountain.

Not another blog about reviews ... no, please, wait a minute. Everyone else, it seems, has been having their say about reviews recently, so I might as well wade in with my pennyworth.

Because - Hidden Tiger Raging Mountain is almost ready for Amazon! And when it first comes out it will look a little lonely in the review department. I shall, of course, go on review hunt. Which means I've had to think long and hard about the whole paying-for-reviews, sock-puppetry mayhem. Actually, I didn't - the ethical answer is so very clear for me I spent more time eating cake.

So, if anyone would like to help me out, here's the deal:

If you happen buy the ebook and fancy writing something, that would be wonderful and I shall fall at your feet with gratitude.

If you'd like a free ecopy to review, please let me let me know, and I'll email you a pdf. Will I hassle you for the review - no. If you write a wonderful review I shall, of course, be indebted for ever. If you write an unfavourable review, will I stand outside your house at midnight and demand pistols at dawn - no. Nor will I harangue you, pelt you with eggs, nor throw shoes at you.  Though I might have a quick snivel in the privacy of my own kitchen.

Will I pay you to write a wonderful review - no. But should you pass this way I make a great cup of tea but will buy the cake as my cooking is rubbish.

(Will I create a hoo-ha with sock-puppets? I think you know the answer to that.)

So, there we are.

Good luck, little ebook.


  1. He he! You have such a lovely way of saying it! I have such a manic month as I start teaching next week - only an evening a week in creative writing but there's quite a lot of work up front, not to mention the faffing time to assuage my nerves... Plus I have amends to make for a potential agent so it's all very exciting but all very busy! BUT I now have an I-Pad so, once I've found some time to work out how to download, will be able to read e-books and would love to have a look at yours. How would you feel about sending me a gentle reminder mid October??
    And good luck!

    1. You are a star, Jaxbee - I'll be in touch.

  2. Reminded me that I hadn't written a review of Over the Hills...
    So I've done it now and it's being processed by amazon. It probably reads incoherently as I wrote it on my phone and am
    Unable to scroll back and check it through... but I gave it five stars anyway.

    1. Jenny - you are a star. There are a few more scary drivers in Hidden Tiger, but not so many cockroaches! Thank you.