Sunday, 26 February 2017

More pictures from Malawi

As promised, another selection of pictures - this time nothing but creatures, arranged from biggest to tiniest:

I was in a boat, and this elephant was on the bank, so I wasn't as alarmingly close as this looks!

We were also in a boat when we saw these hippos, running into the water. What a splash! And a cry from Everlasting, 'Don't tread on the baby!' (It's very close to its mum, at the front - in case you can't see it.)

The buffalo, taken just before we decided to turn tail!

Do crocodiles really smile? This chap looks absurdly pleased with himself!

A zebra crossing. It's not my best pic of the zebras, but I couldn't resist the corny joke. Sorry.

This is a fish eagle. Isn't it lovely?? Well, I think it's magnificent - they are huge, and fly low across the water, and I thought they were one of the most exciting things I saw!

At the other end of the bird-size scale, this is a tiny kingfisher.

Brownie points to anyone who knows what this is. It's about an inch or so long (I do know the answer - and never thought I'd actually see one, let alone take its picture!)


  1. How exciting to see all of these in real life! I am often even a bit leery about cows so I think I would have been in a constant state of mild apprehension, but it would probably have been worth it for the thrill of that elephant!

  2. Great pictures! Is that a praying mantis? The eagle must have been magnificent!

  3. Great pics, sorry you're laid up just now. Yes, I think it's a mantis. Praying for some poor juicy insect to come along.

  4. You definitely saw a lot of wildlife. Hippos look so gentle and yet they're very dangerous.

  5. It is, of course, a praying mantis. Clinging to an exhaust pipe on our truck - I hope it knew where it was when it finally hopped off!

  6. What a wealth of fauna! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  7. Such wonderful wildlife, Jo! It's great to know it's still there, and these marvellous creatures are still occupying the bush! The praying mantis is a creature that used to share my home with me on frequent occasions in SA.

  8. This is my first visit here and I read many of your Malawi posts. Every year my church sends volunteers to Malawi so I found your posts especially interesting. Also, I am a member of African Wildlife Foundation which does great work in Africa. Nice to meet you here.

    1. Welcome, Terra - I shall write more about my trip in due course. And many thanks to your volunteers - there is much work to do in Malawi.