Sunday, 19 February 2017

Malawi - with photos, as promised

I must begin by introducing Everlasting - he has agreed I can write about him, and use his picture. Which is a good thing, because he is a story in himself. 

This is the M1, heading north. It used to be known as the Great North Road. It's a bit busier in the south, but the major hazards are people on bicycles and potholes.

Over 85% of Malawians live in huts like this, in the villages. This hut has a grass roof; those with a little more money have tin roofs, which last longer but are hot. 

This is a typical market - heaps of vegetables on the ground (it's hard to see all the detail here, but there are heaps of cabbages under tarpaulins, on the ground. It's mostly women who sell fruit at vegetables, on the ground. 

This is a roan antelope, up on the Nyika plateau. He is rather wonderful!

This is a typical dugout canoe, used for fishing.

And this is a Catholic mission house - one of the first built in Malawi. The missions have been hugely important,  providing schools and hospitals, and housing the nuns (most of whom come from overseas) in buildings like this.

Next week - there'll be more!!


  1. Lovely pictures, looking forward to more. We crossed a river in a boat just like that one, in Ethiopia.

  2. I like the photo of Everlasting. He has wisdom ingrained into his face. And that road! Endless emptiness. I've never seen dugout boats quite like that. Malawi looks to have a lot of space. Those huts with grass roofs may not be so durable, but they're a lot cooler. I've stayed in round ones and they are marvellous when it's very hot.

  3. Can't imagine how hot the corrugated iron must be.If it was my house I'd thatch it too, to make it cooler, but I suppose really people don't spend much time indoors.

  4. Thanks! :-) Beautiful photos.

    Greetings from London.

  5. It's a pity the people don't have houses like the mission hose. It looks lovely.