Sunday, 7 January 2018

By the time I get to Kathmandu ...

By the time I get to Kathmandu you’ll be having your Tuesday lunch ... yes, it’s that time of year again.

I’m packing. As a process it doesn’t faze me - I just gather everything I need and tuck it into my suitcase. (What? No rucksack? Sadly my knees have, finally, rebelled at being asked to carry a quarter of my body weight on my back. And so I’ve found a lovely wheelie suitcase with plenty of pockets and I am beginning to forgive it for not being a rucksack.)

But packing is so much more than just shoving things into a suitcase. It comes with that tingly feeling that precedes every trip. Even returning to somewhere I know and love, like Nepal, it is impossible to predict what might happen. 

Last time I visited just after the earthquake. There was devastation everywhere, but almost no tourists. How much has been rebuilt? Have the tourists returned? What has been built to lure them? I know that Pokhara now boasts the longest zip line in the world (a drop of 600m over 1.8km) ... shall I?

Last time I had too close an encounter with a crocodile. The time before that it was a tiger. Is it time to settle by the riverside and steer clear of the wildlife?

Last time Tika’s children were aged 6 and 14. Is the little boy too big for balloons now?

I know I need some recuperative time after the challenges of last year. And I know the country well enough to be sure I can find some restful places. I also know that it is full of the unexpected - and  to go with too many plans means I miss the opportunities that might leap out at me (metaphorically - I don’t need leaping tigers!)

These are the sort of mumblings that accompany my packing. It is a glorious dialogue between the familiarity of last-minute preparations and possibilities that lie ahead. 

Enjoy your Tuesday lunch. While I unpack in Kathmandu.


  1. Have a great time Jo and a rest as well after the moving upheaval. I know you will have an adventure and are expecting whatever Nepal has to throw at you. I hope the country is finding its feet again and that you meet all your friends once again. I love packing my suitcase and the anticipation it brings. Happy holidays, Anne Mackle.x

    1. I can’t imagine a trip with no adventures - but I’m really not looking for them this time!

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  2. I put my name at the end as usually it doesn't let me comment so I use Anon ...but it proved me wrong! Lol

  3. Please do the zip line and video it so I can enjoy it too

  4. No idea why blogger has eaten the comment from Mark - but to reply, I shall probably do the zip line but can’t promise to video it, would rather just enjoy the whole thing and maybe get Tika to take a picture from the bottom!

  5. Enjoy your trip Jo, and I look forward to hearing all about it!

  6. Have a wonderful time. You are probably in the air by now.

  7. Oh Jo, you'll be there by now! Have a wonderful time! I'm so looking forward to your accounts!