Sunday, 8 October 2017

Winter plans.

I've usually got my winter plans sorted by now. At the first sign of autumn chilliness I'm researching flights and plotting itineraries.

But this has not been an ordinary year. The move - to a town where I knew no one - was an upheaval. And my house is still not sold. I have a tenant but at the moment all the rent is going into those keeping the house comfortable for her. Which means I need to be a bit more creative on the finance front.

That said, the winter looms. I love my new flat, but the prospect of January in the U.K. still feels like some sort of punishment. And my batteries need a bit of a recharge after this last year.

The solution - well, it's obvious to me. And a quick email exchange with Tika has sorted the basics.

Yes, I'm going back to Nepal for a few weeks. Not to trek or tackle tigers. But to rent a self-catering room in Pokhara. A place where I can potter about, spend time with old friends, and probably wander about in the foothills of a mountain or two.

Last time I was in Nepal the country was picking up the pieces after the earthquake. And many of you contributed to my little fund to rebuild a house. The need was overwhelming - but we could make life better for one family. Well, we have raised enough to make life better for two families, and money is still coming in from the sale of the ebook and being used to support the village health centre.

And so, while I'm there, I hope to make it to Chitepani and take a photograph or two, so you can see just where the money has gone.

The rest of the time - I'll potter about, and read and write, watch a sunset or two. And I'll try to steer clear of the crocodiles.


  1. Lovely, Jo. You are so lucky to have friends and a place to escape the Winter. Look forward to those pictures!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful plan, Jo. I'm working on something too, but it will just a weekends here and there. I can't wait to see those photos now!

  3. Sounds ideal for you Jo. Good to be going back to see friends again.
    Anne Mackle

  4. that sounds delightful! I've still got a visit to Nepal on my bucket list...

  5. That sounds like a great winter escape. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  6. You must be well on the way with your plans by now? Let us know how it's going. By the way, I saw this post when it came out, and can't think why I didn't reply at the time.