Sunday, 20 December 2015

And so it's Christmas ...

I'm astonished any of you have time to drop into blogland at the moment.

And I'm certainly not going to expect you to reflect on anything deep and meaningful. Nor regale you with a list of all the wonderful things I've done this year; that my beautiful, clever children and grandchildren have done; nor add - as an afterthought - good wishes for your Christmas and New Year.

Instead I shall simply suggest that we all take a deep breath, notice the winter solstice and breathe a prayer to whatever god makes sense to you, light candles for ourselves and for all those who might need a little help along the way, and then open a bottle of whatever takes your fancy.

Cheers ... I'll be back in the New Year.


  1. Happysolstice and xmas etc. Thanks for all the interesting posts on Nepal.

  2. Good sentiments Jo. I wish you whatever you wish for yourself.x

  3. I like this, Jo. A year end greeting to suit Anne, I wish you whatever you wish for the coming year, and if that is the completion of a certain house in Nepal, I'll wish for that too! Have a lovely festive season! Xx

  4. Well said. Time for some of that ginger wine.