Sunday, 22 November 2015

Trying to do everything at once.

It's that time of year again. So you've probably only got time to skim-read this. But what choice do we have?

Well, I'd argue that we do have choices. We don't have to be swept along by the Christmas greed-feast that is promised in the media. We can stand back and notice the hype and select the aspects of the whole performance that matters to us as individuals.

On top of all the seasonal mayhem, I'm working hard to get After the Earthquake (my little ebook about my last trip, to raise money for the house) ready for the off - I've never written anything quite so quickly. I knew the story, of course - I've not had to make anything up. Even so, it's been a challenge to make sure I unpicked the drivel from my notebooks and found the core of what I really needed to say.

It's been through readers and an editor, and is now with a copy editor who is nit-picking anything that still doesn't make sense. I'm stocking up on coffee for the day I have to play with the Kindle site and get it on Amazon. 

At the same time, of course, I'm still in touch with friends in Nepal who struggle with the impact of the blockade. They survive from day to day. But what else can they do?

Plus - early in the New Year - I'm off to Ecuador. (Did you really think I might spend the winter in front of my own fire?) So there are the unavoidable hours curled up with guidebooks working out where I might go, and how I might get there. And trying to learn Spanish so I don't get into the pickles that I landed myself in in Cuba.

It's almost too busy. I feel as if I'm wearing too many hats - the writing hats, the travelling hats, the getting-ready-for-Christmas hats (which involves the annual pondering about what the season actually means to me and to those I love.)

I feel a bit like a duck - appearing to swim with the tide but paddling like mad under the water. And you? You sailing serenely into the Christmas mayhem?


  1. I have to admit I haven't even thought about Christmas, Jo. Here it's all Sinterklaas at the moment, which is strictly for the kids with adults as observers only. Christmas fever starts later, thank goodness. How lovely to be planning your trip! And when will the ebook be out?

    1. With luck, it will be out within the next couple of weeks. I'll not hassle the copy editor but once she's done her stuff there's just the Kindle battle to get through.

    2. Oh yes, I know how long that can take too....sigh! I'll look forward to shouting about it as soon as it's ready :)

  2. Super to be so busy though Jo, as well, isn't it? Loads of exciting projects and what is more you're doing some good with it. I can't wait for your book on Nepal!

  3. I feel jealous about your upcoming Ecuador trip. I had a good friend when I still lived in Cuba who was from Quito. They have a lovely accent, similar to Peruvians and Bolivians. I am not even thinking of Christmas yet. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  4. I am that duck which is why I've only just arrived here! I'm waiting for huge batch of ratatouille to cool before freezing in anticipation of feeding many mouths.
    Good luck with the ebook and there's a blog spot waiting for you....Ecuador?!