Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Blog changes.

I've decided to drop my twice-weekly blog to just once a week.

I could provide lengthy justifications, explore changes in the blogworld, go into apologies and all that stuff.

So here is the truth.

I'm dropping to once a week because I want to.

We live in a culture where we expect explanations. Small children ask why and we do our best to answer them. We try to make the world logical, and explicable, and predictable. It's not, of course - while some things obey the laws of physics or nature but much of what happens is fairly random and we only ascribe meaning to it because it makes us feel more comfortable.

So I could offer explanations, if I tried. I could witter on at length about what blogging means to me, to you, its place in the general blogosphere. It would be twaddle, of course, and probably not very interesting twaddle.

But I do think that sometimes we carry on doing things because it's expected of us, or we believe it's expected of us. So this time I'm just doing what seems right for me. And I'm not even saying sorry.

And the plan - to blog on Mondays, unless I have a particularly wonderful weekend, in which case anything can happen. It will be interesting to see who sticks around.


  1. yep. Do it. I changed the header to all my sites. Because I want to. xx

    1. Absolutely. We don't have to fit in with anyone else's expectations. That's one of the joys of the internet!

  2. Quite agree, Jo. I blog when I want to and don't even have a specific day. Once a week is good for me because it keeps me writing something even when I don't have to write anything else! I can't keep up with other blogs either if they post too often, so maybe I'll be able to keep up with yours more too!

  3. It's you blog, so you do what you want. I still remember when I sued to post three times per week and felt it was my "obligation". :-)

    Blogging is meant to be fun or a way to promote what you do. Once it stops being fun, leave it, it's not worth it.

    Greetings from London.