Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Where are you now?

Today, I'm over on Authors Electric, waxing seriously about why writing matters. (Check it out here, if you're having a serious day.)

But, you say, I could have wittered frivolously on this blog, just to entertain you. Why not? Because the sun is shining. I'd rather be outside than hunched over my computer. And I'm not even going to apologise!!

And next week ... I'll be playing with children. Which is even more important than sunshine and serious writing and reading and talking about the weather or what I'm having for tea or even books. I'll be paddling and pushing swings and being a gaolie. I shall crawl around the floor and make towers and read stories.

I'll be back here, when I've recovered!!


  1. Oh do enjoy being a child again, Jo! It must be wonderful to have grandchildren to spend time with. I've been very busy with boaty things among others, so I'm not here or on our other usual meeting places much either, but I'll catch up with you soon, I'm sure. I hope your Vultures are going well!

  2. Where am I? On holidays! :-) Go and enjoy the sun while it lasts.

    Greetings from London.

  3. Have a fabulous time with the kids. They're what keep us young :-)

  4. I tried to put a comment on Authors Electric but it wouldn't come up so I've returned to comment here. I so agree that reading allows us to empathise with the outside world. I would like to add that writing helps us cope with our 'inside world' in a therapeutic way. It allows us to explore our innermost feelings, fears hopes etc, in a safe environment, safe because we can stop writing at any time we want. I certainly found journal writing extremely therapeutic when I left teaching after stress and a period of long-term sick leave. That was, in fact, my first experience of and introduction to creative writing.

    1. Thanks for this, Ros - and I agree totally. Sometimes internal and external worlds blend, like knitting, and writing can help with the unravelling.

  5. Hey, Jo, now that you say it, I should be outside enjoying the glorious winter sunshine, but what? I'm cooped up at the library frantically visiting commenters before I start teaching. Ah but there could be worse things!

    Thanks for coming back to the discussion on my blog