Sunday, 27 April 2014

The White Horse Bookshop

I had planned to return with News, but this is far too wonderful to let it go by.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the refurbishment of our lovely independent bookshop. Well, last Saturday was the official reopening.

I don't know about your town - but ours can do 'stuffy' when it comes to celebrations. We call them respectable, of course, but often they're stuffy. Sparkling wine in sparkling glasses. Canapés. Men and women greet each other with air-kisses and agree that this is wonderful darling. Maybe a local worthy to do the opening honours. Such celebrations have their place, of course - but sometimes I think my town needs a bit of a kick up the bum.

And then came the reopening of the White Horse Bookshop. With Jacqueline Wilson. Whose fab idea was it to invite her? For the great and the good of the town were shoved to the margins as the shop filled with children. You could barely hear yourself speak above the hubbub of children's voices - subdued briefly when she walked by them and then resuming forte proportions once she'd gone by.

The official ribbon-cutting done, she sat on a low sofa - low enough to look children in the eye and talk with them. A queue (of sorts) snaked through the shop - she had time and a smile for them all.

Oh how truly wonderful. Nobody could move in the shop for children, and parents, and grandparents. For what can be more important than bringing books and children together?

(Far more important than my News, anyway!!)


  1. How lovely!! I can't imagine anything more heartwarming than a bookshop full of children! There's hope for us yet!

  2. It sounds like your new bookshop is going places... fingers crossed. So glad it was a success.

  3. Thank you both - it was, indeed, a wonderful day. And I've no doubt the bookshop will go from strength to strength, for those children will never forget this - and teach their own children a love of books!

  4. I love the sound of this bookshop, Jo. My suburb has one huge indy bookshop and several others. Very bookish community, no 'stuffy' in sight.

    I will try to track down Over the Hill again and let you know if I can't do it. Have been sooooo busy, so sorry for not getting back to you earlier.


  5. How wonderful! And inspired indeed. What an amazing woman she is. Yes - the new owners of White Horse have got the right idea. I hope it does wonderfully well!

  6. The bookshop sounds lovely. I think all children enjoy books even in this day of iPads and computers. My granddaughter loves stories and when I finish I have to start all over again.