Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Imagine this ...

Following on from my last post (you missed it? I won a night in a luxury hotel!) the main review for my lovely hotel will appear on Silver Travel Adviser. As you might see from that, I had a wonderful time. Plenty of fluffy towels and pampering.

In that review I comment in passing on the wonderful jacuzzi - imagine, if you can, a metal cradle, big enough for a man to lie in. It is composed of just four pipes, side by side, slightly bent to accommodate a body-shape, with small holes in. A bit like a large, curved, cake rack - with holes. At one end there is a head rest, and at the other somewhere to perch your feet. 

Now - submerge this contraption in warm water. Does it look inviting? No - it looks like some sort of contraption the torturers might use. There is nothing comfortable about lying on metal pipes. Not even in warm water.

Next, press the switch - and the bubbles begin. Not polite bubbles, these. Rather they are great jets of bubbles, through every whole making the water foam so that you can barely make out the metal frame beneath. Even so, that rack looks less than uncomfortable. Grit your teeth and lie down ...

And it's wonderful. Those jets of water, so fierce you almost float in them, are aimed at exactly those places on your body that hold the tension: the back of your neck, across the shoulders, your lower back, even the back of your knees. It is like being pummelled with water, a water-massage, leaving your body feeling surprised and so wonderfully relaxed that you have no choice but to flop about on a lounger like a beached whale until hunger sends you to dress for dinner.

For, yes, I scrubbed up. It was worth it - the food was wonderful. I had bream, and it tasted of the sea - fresh and wonderful, and must have been bought at the market by someone who knows about fish. And to follow: a dessert that just called itself 'chocolate' (I didn't need the details, just 'chocolate' was good enough for me). All served by a lovely French waiter who was blissfully unaware how my friend and I loved his accent.

And then it was time to go home. Back to my jacket potato and cheese, but oh I never thought I'd have so much fun lying on a cake rack!


  1. Lovely descriptive way of painting a picture. a desert? Oh...I thought it sounded far more luxurious...tho a chocolate desert has great appeal!!! hahaha..look I always get picked up and mocked for my mistaks!!

  2. I'm a bit of a sissy when it comes to violent water massage. I have tried it just the once and now prefer, when given the option which isn't very often these days, to lower my limbs into a gentle simmering brew of bubbles. But I'm with you all the way re that dinner. My favourites! Fresh fresh fish and a desert that calls itself Chocolate. What's not to like?

    1. I didn't like the look of it at all, Ros - which made it all the more wonderful! And the chocolate ... now we're talking ...

  3. Lovely, soothing and invigorating too. It must have been wonderful. And to be served by a charming French waiter as well! Who cares what the food is like! Now I shall go and look for the official review!

  4. I want a bubbling cake rack in my house.

  5. Glad you enjoyed it . I always used to dream of a bath full of bubbles when I was a kid, I don't know why. It's a sort of fantasy, isn't it, I suppose.... Will hop over to read your review now.

  6. Oh, wait a minute, no link, I suppose it's not up yet. Well - don't forget to let us know when it is!