Sunday, 28 July 2013

I may be a little while ...

Yes, this is still me - with a new blog title and a picture (I worked out how to do it, at last!), the same address - what do you think? Better? Or shall I go back to the old look?

This will be my only blogpost this week. For today my grandson is coming to stay.

This week I shall eat a lot of baked beans and chips. And probably ice cream. I might pretend vegetables come from Mars and are essential for anyone who hopes to be an astronaut; or I might give in and eat more baked beans.

When the sun shines I shall play in the river and when it rains there will be games and maybe there will be cheating but it doesn't matter, for he is my grandson and can do no wrong. I shall polish my goalkeeping skills, but be forever useless (dive, grandma, dive ...). I shall be woken at daybreak and maybe he will tell me that his clock is broken, though in truth he has taken the battery out, but it doesn't matter for he is my grandson and can do no wrong.

I shall sit in the front seat on the top deck of the bus and pretend to drive. And if he sings about the wheels on the bus very loudly that is fine for he is my grandson and can do no wrong. We shall arrive very early to catch a train; but I'll not let him run around on the platform for that is dangerous, even for little boys who can do no wrong.

This week I shall do no writing.

And when there is reading it will be stories for six-year olds.


  1. Jo, this is lovely. It brought a lump to my throat. I wish I had a grandson or grandchild in general…sniff. I can well understand why you won't be doing anything else this week x

  2. Yes I like this blog better Jo. Lovely to have your grandson,I have toddler boy staying and although he's not my real grandson he's treated as if he is and calls me Nana Anne. I may have my granddaughter later in the week too. Have a great time eating beans and pretending,because in his eyes you can do no wrong, you're his grandma!

  3. It all sounds wonderful, especially the chips and beans part and playing by the river. Have fun!

  4. Love the blog and your grandson sounds like a darling. Have a great week.

  5. That sounds like a lovely way to spend a week! Enjoy! And the blog looks great. x

  6. Love the new look Jo, and enjoy your week...we played in the river last week, it was so hot!

  7. Like the new title, but I think I would prefer something in the background, have a slight feeling of floating in the sky... unless that is what you intended of course! :D

    Enjoy your week with your grandson!

    1. The picture was taken out of the window of a plane, flying between Kathmandu and Pokhara - so it is floating a bit. And it's the heading pic from the website, so ties in. But I'll think about changing it to something more grounded.

  8. Thank you all - We will both have a wonderful time!