Wednesday, 15 May 2013

You don't expect writing today, do you?

Tomorrow I'm going to Venice - I hope you don't expect me to write sense today.

Between now and tomorrow morning I must sort the laundry, buy some milk, cut the grass, clean the cooker, water the plants, sew on a button, write a letter, buy a birthday card, order two toy wheelbarrows, order a supermarket shop, talk intelligently at a literature festival as if I had nothing else on my mind,

pause, breathe, remind myself that this will be worth it,

(nearly forgot lunch),

clean out the fridge, change the sheets on the bed, phone the bank (god help me), charge the phone, charge the camera, charge the kindle, return a book I borrowed to the woman next door, water the plants,



For tomorrow I'm going to Venice!


  1. Oh my goodness! How can you imagine you are going to do all that as well as give a talk at a literature festival? I am in awe! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. It will definitely be worth it. Oh yes! Venice....

  3. Venice how lovely! I'm doing the same as your are apart from the talking at a festival as I'm going to Turkey in the morning. Have a great time.

  4. Thank you all. Just my pants to pack now - eek!

  5. Two toy wheelbarrows? Don't you think that might deprive somebody else of their toy wheelbarrow? I've heard they're in high demand and short supply this year. :P

    Have a great time in Venice, Jo!

    1. I have twin grandsons who are nearly 2 - and only buying one would lead to toddler wars! But that can wait - I'm off to catch my flight!

  6. Venice! Now there's a place I HAVE been to. I'm sooo jealous. Have a lovely time.