Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Reality Blog Award

How fab is this!!

The wonderful Rosalind Adam has passed on the Reality blog award, which is hugely kind of her. (What! You don't know Ros? She's doing the AtoZ Challenge at the moment, so needs support. Go and cheer her on. Find her here.)

And here is the lovely image that comes with it:

I don't recognise myself in that description (and nor would you if you saw me in the mornings) so am deeply flattered. All I have to do is answer a question or few, so here goes:

1.  If you could change one thing what would it be?  

I would bring in genuine gender equality - giving women real opportunities to influence decisions about when to go to war, bankers' bonuses etc. We might spend a lot of time drinking tea and eating cake, but how much more civilised that would be than dropping bombs or paying ourselves silly money.

2.   If you could repeat an age what would it be?

I'd go back to the sixties. Ah, the sixties .... And would I want to relive it in the light of my aging experience? Not at all - I'd go back to the messy, noisy, optimistic wonderfulness of it with all the naivety of a 16-year old. (I had good knees then.)

3.  What one thing really scares you?

Cyclones. I think you know why! And, from now on, I'll keep my distance from tigers as well.

4.   If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?

That's a hard one. Thing is, I'm very happy being me - even on days when I grumble about the weather, or the bankers, or my knees. Though if someone gave me the opportunity to stop the war in Syria, well, I'd take that.

And now, to pass this on to three more wonderful bloggers:

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  1. Great answers Jo.It's always hard to think what to write for these awards but it gets your brain working.Ros passed one to me too but it'll have to wait until after the A-Z.At least it's really big things you're scared off,cyclones and tigers!!

  2. Oh what great answers, Jo. I'm deeply honoured that you've nominated me for this too as like you, I don't feel the description fits...I'm looking round for the person you really meant! But I will take up the challenge, so thank you again, Jo and I'll save further response to yours by putting my answers on mine! I'll do it this evening.

    I do so agree with you tho'!

  3. Excellent award speech, Jo, and though we've never met in the actual flesh I think it is a most appropriate one for you. Amazing, inspiring, etc, etc!!

    Would you really want to be lost in the 60s milieu again? I found it a confusing place to be. I'd like to be armed with a little of today's knowledge if I was to ever live through that again... which I won't but hey!