Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A short post to say thank you.

Thank you - to everyone, both here and on twitter and Facebook, who took the trouble to congratulate me after my post on Monday.

It's humbling, being on the receiving end of all that. Most of you I've never met - you know me only through my words and a few pictures. Yet so many took the trouble to slip in a comment, to share my joy - just for a moment. It might feel like a little thing to you, but it gave me that lovely swimmy rosy feeling to know that so many people not only noticed but also took the trouble to comment.

I have a vague feeling that we (a generalised 'we', maybe I mean 'I') spend too much time pondering on things that go wrong, things that need changing, the dream of making everything 'better' (whatever that means). But, for a moment, all that was out of the window - and my inbox was full of uncomplicated delight. Not a 'yes but' in sight.

Thank you all. I raised a glass to each and every one of you. (Just one glass, to you all collectively - not one each, I'm afraid. Sorry about that; hic ...)


  1. I'll raise a glass for you here, Jo. And again, congratulations!!

  2. "Not a 'yes but' in sight."
    Yes, but you titled the post, "This may never happen again ...." Why wouldn't it? You deserved it once and you deserve it again!

  3. Thank you - I just wanted everyone to know how it feels to be on the receiving end of all this - you have been so kind!

  4. Wow!!! I missed this!!! I'm going to drop down to the post below. See you in a mo........

  5. I'm sure I left a comment on the last post so I hope you get this one. It was only a matter of tinme until you were asked to do something like that and it won't be the last.