Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It's sunny - let's go out to play.

Sorry, I'm going to be a bit British here, and witter about the weather.

I know that anyone in paid employment, with a boss and working hours and people who depend on them - they can't go out to play when the sun shines. And I include the self-employed here - if you don't work, you're not paid. And many of you can't be flexible with your working hours - I don't suppose any householder would be too delighted if the non-appearance of the plumber was due to him fancying a swim.

But there are a lot of us who, for whatever reason, are not working or can be flexible with our working hours. So - what do we do when the sun shines?

Here in the UK sunshine is precious. Take a trip to the nearest park or garden centre next time the sun shines - it will be full of people in light clothes, moving freely, as if they've unfurled after months cuddled in cardies. Children, feet released from the tyranny of wellies, can run at last. Men throw frisbees. Women eat ice cream.

I know - some people need to sit in the shade. Those with hay fever survive only by dripping drops in their eyes and shoving drugs up their noses (you know what I mean - not the Hard Stuff). But even those who struggle with the heat acknowledge that the sunlight brings a wonderful change of mood, smothers the rainy greys with colour. And generally tempts even the most workaholic of us out to play.

So - here's a thought. Once we are out there, in the sunshine, chatting about the general wonderfulness of the weather, why do so many of us have an urge to lie down and go to sleep in it?

And yet, when night falls and we can take to our beds, we toss and turn and complain it is too hot to sleep?

Maybe it doesn't matter. Let's just enjoy the weather anyway, as it is not likely to last long (and may even have broken by the time you read this).


  1. Lovely sunny post Jo. Yup - it has broken, but it will be back. Prefer to do things in it myself; it is much too precious to waste sleeping :)

  2. I'm with Sue in that I tend to want to 'do' in the sun but it's just so much more relaxing going about your day, business or pleasure, without having to worry about getting wet, having cold toes (my particular concern!). Having said that, it's raining here today and I love it. I needed a good, focused day on the pc, no sunny distractions thank you very much, so here I am. Sun for the weekend though please...

  3. I love the that (well British version at least) and find life so much easier to cope with when it is bright out. It is a lot colder here in the South now (just in time for June Gloom) but it gets bit brighter in the evenings. I am hoping Tuesday will be sunny as I have a champagne afternoon tea planned and the plan includes eating it in the garden! Shhhh....

  4. That should say "I love the heat" I thought dyslexia software was supposed to make my life easier?! Grrrrrrr

  5. Glad I'm not the only one who comes out to play in the sunshine. Tho the sun-god has an evil sense of humour and looks like raining on all our parades this Bank Holiday weekend.

  6. Agreed. The sun makes everything look so much more welcoming than it does under these heavy clouds that are looming over us right now. I don't sleep in the sun though. That would be a waste!

  7. Hm, some kind of primitive folk memory of being on holiday in the Costa del Sol perhaps :)