Sunday, 8 January 2012

New website!!

I've got a brand new website!! After all my whinging, I've actually done it. You can have a look at it here and there is even a link on the blog page that will bring you back here! You will forgive me if I'm a little smug for a week or two - this has been the steepest learning curve.

There are writing pages, with examples of my writing (but no advice - I am far from qualified to offer writing or publishing advice). And travel pages, with plenty of photos from recent trips, and I have included an advice page for travellers (I have learned a bit about looking after myself in unexpected places).

But please remember - this is still a baby site. There will be hiccups - and I'd really appreciate your help in finding them. That includes typos, links that don't work, photos that are just little blue question marks - anything that looks a bit wrong to you. (Apparently some browsers work differently; I know this works in Safari but if you are in a parallel cyberworld it may look a bit wonky. Please tell me - there is a 'contact me' page which should send me an email. At the moment my email-connecty site is free and drops an ad on you. If this is truly irritating let me know and I'll subscribe to one that takes the ads out.)

You might also notice that there are very few travel-site links, and no writing links at all. I have a few ideas of links I'd like to add, but this is where I'd really like to hear from you. If you'd like me to link to your site, or know a suitable site, please let me know here or via the website, with the URL and a reason why I should include it. I can't promise to include everything - but will check it all out. (That is unless you are obviously spamming me. Which would be unkind, as well as a waste of your time and mine.)

And, while it would - of course - be wonderful if you linked to my site, that is not a prerequisite of my linking to yours. I've never been good at the back-scratching game, and I'm not going to practise now.

So - do go and have a look. I think it's one of my better efforts. (And it's fine to disagree - just let me down gently!)


  1. Hi there Jo. I did the tour and you did very well. All very slick and pro. Only complaint I had was on your home page of your new blog the sidebar coloured text is difficult to read.

    Happy trails


  2. New site looks great. I would agree with Denise though, that the sidebar text is difficult to read.

  3. Nice! It's a great feeling to get a website up isn't it? Well done!

  4. Jo, it looks fantastic! And there was you saying you were fighting with the HTML! Really great job.

  5. Thank you all - I'll take a look at that sidebar (which means working out how to update it! Just when you think you've cracked something another challenge comes and bites you on the bum!)

    Seriously - I'm glad you like it. And please - if you want me to link to your site, do pitch it to me.

  6. Way to Go, Jo. You're such an inspiration!

  7. N - you flatter me. I flounder around in a very uninspiring way. You should have seen this site in the making - and heard my language as I got to grips with it.